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With New York & American values in mind, JFK would implement a Universal Basic Income (UBI), the ‘American Value Act', starting at $1,000/month ($12,000 a year) for every American adult. This will be independent of American’s work status or any other factor including incarceration. JFK has worked his entire career to structure laws for this moment of properly distributing equity to the American people as a measure of their input to the productivity of the economy. This UBI is not a tax.

The ​Data Dividend:

  • This UBI is a corporate productivity dividend, similarly to a joint-stock company it's not an expense, it's an after tax profit among stakeholders.

  • This is a fraction of one's derived input to economic productivity. American's community of data is the core input to all corporate productivity.

A UBI is a commencement of economic inclusion. This level would permanently grow the economy's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between 12% - 13% or about $2.5 trillion by 2025—and it would increase the labor force by 4.5 to 4.7 million people. It should be noted that the GDP is actually a measure of economic transaction and still how we derive overall economic health. Putting money into the hands of people is how to guarantee their choice with social autonomy in the market. It is not socialism it is inclusionism for people who are owed capital: #WeOweUs


Consider this simple logic with me. In 2019 corporate America will produce ~ 7.2 Trillion Dollars in profits. When I write productivity, I'm talking about revenues. Profits are after expenses of sorts. From those profits ~ 25% will go into savings for reinvestment and ~ 75% will be paid out in a dividend to shareholders of those corporations. That's ~ 5.4 Trillion Dollars. It pays to own something, and we owe it to ourselves to demand half, so that we can reinvest in us. That's why I saw "We Owe Us". My approach to UBI is about ownership. By granting everyone's community and equity stake in the data that is mined from their individuals to produce the products & services that are productive, we are effectively creating a new class of stakeholdership to parallel shareholders. I'm convinced that this is how we start fixing the poor distribution of value in this economy and influence the world towards a more democratic future. This is what my Data Dividend is all about.


  • End abject poverty by giving people the money

  • Balance the American balance sheet 

  • Eliminate the biases that come with automating jobs and hire cheaper employees after

  • Ownership stake in the economy's growth

  • Freedom of movement

  • incentivize more transactions in the economy

Guiding Principles






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