"Officers of the law should be held accountable by the rule of law." - JFK



In the continued fight for criminal justice reform, JFK is dedicated to doing something impactful about the number of lives, especially Black, Brown, and Queer lives being taken at the hands of officers of the law. On a trip to Schenectady, NY, with the widow of Andrew Kearse, a man who was allowed to die while crying out for medical help recorded by officer's dash-cam, he confirmed the types of inhumane conduct that he grew up accustomed to in Detroit. With the Andrew Kearse Act, we demand:

  • A camera on every cop

  • Prosecute officers who falsify information during an investigation

  • Mandatory and immediate medical response for suspects/subjects who complain of illness or injury

  • Reinstate American incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens right to vote

  • Establish national day of remembrance for victims of police violence

  • Create comprehensive national database of shootings, including police shootings 

  • Establish an independent unit of investigators and prosecutors for all police shootings of civilians


The core problem here is that citizens are having their dignity stripped away from them when engaging with law enforcement at the local, state, and federal level. The pervasive fear and lack of trust has tones of less sophisticated nations who fail to keep their democracy in the fashion that Benjamin Franklin told his fellow American's they'd have to keep. The solution is transparency, and creating more jobs for compassionate citizens to jockey for the public's trust as a measure of real justice. The solution is also restoring human rights to all humans, even those in violation of the law.  


  • Take preemptive measure for restorative justice

  • Treat prison reform as a systemic problem

  • Cultivate trust in community policing

  • Collect troubling personal data for group remedies 

Guiding Principles