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"Government should work, fast, effectively, and efficiently." - JFK


The world is a supply-chain, but our government isn't. As an engineer, JFK has implemented workforce security technologies locally and internationally under the guise of age old business process methodologies like Lean Process Management, Six Sigma and Information Technology Information Library. Process is key in supporting a more democratic government so that both constituents and watchdogs can peer in to the government that they are paying for. This is a step towards true "open data" initiatives of the Federal government. In order for departments to open up their bureaucracy, they'll have to have some reassurances that they can meet the quality standards set by their constituents. After doing the work of mapping out the business processes that guide our government, it will be necessary to add technologies of transparency, so to ensure that open data can continue to evolve and become more robust. Blockchain on top of good processes is our opportunity. We can leverage the business consulting industry to assist the Federal government to transform how it operates while ensuring that there are jobs mandated for the people who contributed their processes initially. We don't want to automate people, we want to automate with people and pay them for the pleasure while legislating the following:

  • Lean Process Management

  • Lead Six Sigma

  • Building of Service Catalogs

  • Implementation of Transparency Measures

  • Implementation of Blockchain Technologies

  • Enhance Democracy by Allowing Public Vetting of Processes.


As an engineer, I have working from within city, state, and federal governments all over the world to implement business process designs that keep them current with the technological and business culture of our times. The US government and its federal of smaller governmental entities are poorly equipped to conduct a risk assessment of their assets and ready them for threats of extreme and other sorts. We can do better, and the best part is that it will create tons of jobs to try and do better. One of the earliest things I could create in congress is a bill to sure of governmental department functionality and insource talent from the best functioning private sector players to expand the business that is our government.


  • Implement Business Process Methodologies

  • Streamline Work Functionality

  • Add transparency and Trust with Blockchain

  • Scale the use of Blockchains

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James Felton Keith

Fighting for Inclusionism

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