"Technology comes in 3 forms: hardware (things you can touch), software (things you can't touch), and methods (all man-made processes)" - JFK


The world is a supply-chain. As an engineer, JFK knows people's personal data is the natural resource with which we build all of the technological infrastructure of our lives. Like all infrastructure you require reinvestment to ensure that you are sustainable. Tech Zones and Cyber Zones are two distinctly different types of equity building initiatives that stop the extraction of people's value by institutions and start reinvesting in the people who have given so much to the current economy. These are initiatives that are separate from the work in the Green New Deal, and specific to non-green technologies.

  • Fintech (Financial Technology)

  • Gene therapy

  • Drones

  • Self-driving cars

  • Drugs and medical devices

  • Cyber Security

  • InsurTech (Insurance Technology)

  • RegTech (Regulatory Monitoring)

  • AdTech (Advertising Monitoring)

These two investment initiatives are no different than when Americans invested in creating the interstate system. We will make the investment from tax payer dollars and take the ROI (return on investment) as a measure of how many financial/consumer transactions people can make using this new workforce infrastructure.

*from Center for Innovative Governance

Technological progress in the U.S. is stagnant. America’s technological stagnation is responsible for both the decay of our global technological leadership and the increasing concentration of industry in a few geographical hotspots.

Our burdensome and increasingly outdated federal regulatory system bears some responsibility for this slowdown. The modern American administrative state was built during an era in which most innovations came from large, slow-moving corporations, at times in conjunction with the government. But this is no longer the case, and as the nature of innovation changes, so too must our regulatory system. Reversing course requires a bold, new regulatory framework.


These two investment initiatives are different than economic empowerment zones, because they won't be complete tax breaks for new companies to come into the area without an equitable dividend on productivity created from our investment. More dense populations of people, like New York City will benefit from these "zones", but they can be applies to regions where more space is necessary for enterprise to thrive. "One of the most dangerous things we can do as Americans is invest again in huge companies like we did in GM & Tesla after the 2008 crisis without keeping a dividend on their prolific productivity". - JFK 


  • Rebuild American Infrastructure, starting with the workforce of people

  • Invest in a workforce of people surveilling automated processes

  • Creating security infrastructure in our most threatening global front: cyber

  • Making insurance industry about risk management

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