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Andrew Yang 2020 POTUS Candidate
Andrew Yang 2020 Candidate for US President
admiral norman r hayes - ret navy admira
Andy Stern - President Emeritus SEIU
Hawk Newsome - Chairman Black Lives Matt
Dominique Jackson - Actress
Carmen Neely - Founder Harlem Pride
Michael Shermer - Author
Corey Ortega
Melissa Sklarz - 1st Trans DNC Delegate.
Carole Mulligan - Inwood Community Leade
Nobles Crawford
Nobles Crawford - Activist
emil wilbekin
Emil Wilbekin - CCO Afro Punk
tristan harris center for humane technol
Tristan Harris - Ctr for Humane Tech
Monical Boll - Business Leader
Wendy O'Shields - Ny Homelessness Activi
Shawana Vaughn - Harlem Community Organi
Angelica Ross - Actress
Sarath Davala - Basic Income earth Netwo
orlando reece - CEO Pride Media
Diane Pagen - Co-Founder Basic Income Ma
Pat Martin - East Harlem Community Organ
Ryan Jamaal Swain - Actor
Lisa Mifflin - NY Tuskegee Alumni Presid
Jodie Patterson - Human Rights Activist.
Jaron Lanier - Philosopher
Glen Weyl - Economist
Brittany Kaiser - Whistelblower
John-Martin Green - West Harlem LGBT Tas
Daniel Padnos - Philanthropist
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James Felton Keith

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Jodie Patterson - Human Rights Activist.