Gun Control is presented as a complex issue, but I think that it is more about the process with which we bring departments together to protect our communities. In congress I would enforce the following holistic approach through a licensing program that surveys:

  • Permitting

  • Domestic Violence

  • Background Checks

  • Minimum Wage

  • Mental Illness

  • Drug Abuse

  • Criminal History

  • Military History (both domestic and foreign)


So many people feel hopeless about their ability to affect change with regards to run access and rights. I've lived in multiple states where carrying a concealed weapon has been permitted and where it has not. I'm not anti-gun and I've been to the range as a child and adult to understand the power and responsibility of carrying arms. It is a responsibility that no child or teacher or concert goer or random pedestrian should have to worry about. They especially shouldn't have to worry about their neighbor who is having a bad go of life stripping them of their autonomy or choice to live. We need aggressive gun and insurance laws that exceed that of automobile laws, because the risks are too high. My data driven holistic approach is an effort to prevent the people who pull triggers from ever getting close to one.


  • Ensure Public Safety

  • Monitor Mental Health

  • Expand Accountability

Guiding Principles




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