The Value We “Get Out” Of Your Input

When I talk to people about getting paid for their input, they regularly look at me like, “what you talkin’ bout”??? With regards to my favorite topic, #PersonalData, you all know that my priority is ensuring that individuals own all evidence of their contribution to the known world. Data is evidence of your input. Ownership of your data is ownership of the equity that your input is worth. When I talk about pay equity for individual input to productivity I think the feature film “Get Out” is a great use-case for how payments should work. The production budget was $4,500,000 and it currently has revenues of $175,000,000 and growing. Every person who poured in to the making of the film should

History Made @ Future Tech Congress

We made history last week as many FinTech & InsurTech & BigData events came together to create the Future Tech Congress, in Warsaw. I was honored to be the 1st Keynote and to elaborate on the personal data asset class, followed by a panel on investment trends. I can say this for sure, the 2nd Keynote and the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and I agree wholly on at least one thing. We truly believe that smaller more agile economies and their affiliate institutions (banks) have a unique opportunity to take quick advantage of the Digital Revolution in a way that the couldn't during the Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions. Their ability to transform organizations that use FinTech (financial

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