Join us @ The Women's March NYC

The greatest difference between this generation and the last is the presence of transparency. All sorts of discrimination is being exposed, and it is allowing is to bend the moral arc that much close towards justice. There are no greater ostracized communities of the human race, as those that are female. So we march, and we should all feel like screaming #MeToo when someone is objectified, instilled with fear, or preyed upon. We've all come from a woman, even the robots 🤖 . Will begin lining up at Central Park West and 72nd Street at 11 a.m. Call me or email me JFK@JamesFeltonKeith.com and we'll respond. Here is the marching map.

The Jobs Problem

There are 127 million people working full-time in the US and unemployment is at the lowest rate in 17 years at around 6.5 million people. There are also 6.5 million job openings, so economists think that theoretically unemployment should be zero if people were able to accept the available jobs. According to the latest Gallup Poll of the American Workplace 52% of American workers are disengaged from their job and another 17% are actively disengaged which means that only 32% of American workers describe themselves as being actively engaged in their job. That means that of the 127 million people working in the US only 40 million think that they are productive. Jobs always sound like a good topi

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