Uptown United Platform

The politicians that say "rezoning neighborhoods" is meant to improve businesses are misleading and arguably lying for the sake of gentrification. According to data form the city of NY, 94% of business owners rent their space, and 53% of Inwood's small businesses say that the rent is "barely affordable". The lack of attention to small businesses in the Inwood NYC Action Plan creates synthetic demand for growth, which will leave the existing business owners unable to compete, adjust prices, or even pay rent. When politicians say that "Upzoning" will be good for business, let's be clear. They mean large businesses that are primarily tied to real estate will create synthetic demand that incenti

Congressional Summit on LGBT Entrepreneurship

I'm an Uber-Progressive & an Uber-Capitalist. Click the pic aaand Join me in DC @ the Congressional Summit on LGBT Entrepreneurship. As soon as I left my mother's house I was an entrepreneur. I used to sell Now And Later candy to my 1st grade class to make new friends and fend off a bully. It worked, but I was expelled from school and my principal told my mother that I'd grow up to be a drug dealer. Such is life. Over the next 30 years I tried to start 12 companies, and only 5 of them still exist today. By that measure I'm a failure, but everything that I know for sure is from failing fast and failing often. I know for sure that my team's efforts on the economic end of equality provided a pi

#iCantBreathe Legislative Priorities

I can't breathe is becoming the moniker of our times, as citizens have lost their voices by witnessing neighbors lose their humanity in the hands of our lawful gatekeepers. We're marching for Andrew's justice, but also for the dignity of his family and people who have lost trust in our system of laws. In New York and across America, our rule of law must provide real consequences for officers of the law that leave us breathless. Last Saturday I listened to the death of Andrew Kearse over the course of approximately 20 minutes, as his wife looked on via the data from the officer's in car camera. It was horrifying. We marched inside of the police station at the center of Schenectady, New York w

Real Progressives vs Bad Democrats

Friends Family Progressives, In these divisive Trump times, we are presented with the question of what goodness is. We are presented with questions about a notion of what our morals are. We are in turn presented with an opportunity to vet who represents us ideologically as a progressive, to pursue resources on our behalf. As I mourn the loss of a political mentor in Isaiah "Obie" Bing, I'm compelled to mention his warning of what he called "ambitious conservatives" when speaking to me at his home in 2017. He shared documentation with me from his Community Board 12 in Washington Heights / Inwood warning of a careless incumbent Congressman who brought real environmental risks to the neighborho

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