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Click the pic and join us @Afrotectopia in NYC. Another first from a Millennial Woman this Women's History Month, I'm excited to keynote at this event that brings together Art & Technology. I'll be talking about the value that each of us distributes through our #PersonalData. I'll also talk about the difference between human contributions and creations. Whereas we create value together as groups of individuals, individuals themselves have an intrinsic value that we can harness in a tangible monetary number because of personal data. REGISTER @AFROTECTOPIA

Women's History & Personal Data

It's women's history month and we're kicking off our inaugural campus club at Columbia University in Harlem with a couple of extraordinary women. Register on Facebook HERE. If you know me or my work, you know that I care most about economic inclusion. I care most about how we achieve inclusion. It's not just a rhetorical option to me, it's a path. We're going to talk about women like Henriette Lacks and Kayla Lewis and how their #PersonalData created entire industries. Henriette, the subject of a Trillion Dollar Industry via a doctor that stole her Cancer Cells to use as a free commodity in research to cure everything from Polio to mapping the Human Genome. And Kayla, the girl who created th

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