Millennials Meet Motivote

We know that voter turnout has been low and lower over the years, especially as new generations come of age. We cannot afford for our voices not to be heard anymore. Our neighborhoods are in crisis and our country as a result. CLICK THE PIC and Join us to explore the 21st Century way to get people in your community and friend network to vote. Take a look at this short video from MOTIVOTE to see how we're going to engage the next wave of voters, network by network...

It's Pride Month: Get Your Coins Up

It's June and that means, Pride Month. In the fashion of Economic Inclusion, this year I'm harnessing the full force of the $50B Dollars that QPOC (Queer People Of Color) spend to give an equity stake in our influence. Monetary Value is at the root of all inclusion and equality efforts, especially for those of us who are hella influential. In getting to it, I'm unveiling our new cryptocurrency #SlayCoin for the first time at Tech Hub NYC. It's on my events page. We'll have a bigger informational @SlayCoin during #SlayFest this July 21st. For those of your who aren't participating or aware of the blockchain revolution that is transforming modern business, you need to get in the know. The even

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