2018 Election #SlayTheVote

I'm supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo in this 2018 election, not because I'm afraid, or because of what we can't afford to lose, or the regular language that I hear in political circles while advocating for an incumbent to win. I'm supporting him because of the very progressive policies that have been pushed and the even more progressive bodies that he has at the table while advocating for policy. This weekend my TV network hosted its 1st annual film and music festival, SlayFest, and the Governor's General Counsel Alphonso David came by to talk about power. He said "Our Stories Aren't Told" to a crowd of 800 LGBT Black & Brown people under the age of 40. As he settled into his speech, it was

OpEd: The Times of Northwest Indiana

Originally Published @NWI Sunday Personal data: Our greatest economic issue Personal data is far from a privacy issue alone. It is a human rights issue, and it is an economic rights issue. The data that people contribute intrinsically is at the core of all input to the economic productivity of the creations we produce together. Starting Sept. 25 a global coalition of organizations will raise awareness about how data’s personhood has a very real economic value that ripples through the interconnected ecosystem of finance, insurance, health, location and social technology firms. The question for economists will be, how do we invest in propping up the infrastructure that we build with our natura

Economic Power via Crypto Currency

Venting: People are regularly talking about justice across different causes, but they can't afford to fight for it. It's high time we start advocating real power over the mere empowerment of generation's past. Join me next Saturday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as we lay out a plan to turn the most marginalized population on the planet into a money making machine, literally. SIGN UP I'll be joined by my colleague Steve Schwartz, a Blockchain and Cyber Insurance expert, and Reggie Middleton who launched a $200 Million Dollar cyrpto currency of his own. Because I hate secrets and love spoilers alerts for things that help me move on faster, I'll sum up what we are doing. Slay.TV creates cont

Increase Wages from Corporate Revenues

This past weekend I must have come across a dozen different groups talking about income inequality and how we need a basic income for working and non-working people. I agree, and I want to point all of your attention to how publicly traded companies have been spending revenues over the past 10 years. They've been artificially pumping up their stock price with "stock buybacks" at the average of 55% of their revenues. That's important people, this is money that is not going back to the stakeholders (everyday people) who pour their input to the company's overall productivity. In my opinion this is one of the core economic theory problems stoping every-day people's wages from rising over the pas

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