I'm Ignorant About Mental Health Issues

Join me this October 4th at the #InMyMind conference in Manhattan as we explore the data points of identity and just how valuable our complex identities are to the economy. I'm ignorant about mental health issues in my community and across the globe, but I'm learning. I think it necessary for all of us to "come out" about our ignorance if we're ever going to truly empathize with our neighbors and eliminate stigma. After all the nuance of our identities is what makes our communities worth while. Below are some of the other 🤯 speakers at In My Mind this great 👌🏽.

Keynote: 101st Anniversary of the Council for Danish Insurance and Pensions

New York, NY — September 20, 2018 — To celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Council for Danish Insurance and Pensions this November, James Felton Keith (JFK) will give a keynote address to the Prime Minister of Denmark and an audience of 250 executives and elected officials on the direction of data and risk management in a world where interconnectivity is both our greatest problem and our greatest opportunity. JFK was quoted in a London interview this June with Danish think tank NextWork A/S whose data charter states: understanding our digital democracy is essential in order to understand our society. “The G.D.P.R. was our most significant human rights achievement as a society to acknowled

It's Election Week: Join me & 350 Friends

Elections are just 3 days away! September 13th 2018 is the most important day of the year in your neighborhood's politics and more closely affects your quality of life than any other day during the calendar year. So I've gathered a few hundred friends to welcome a new business to Uptown Manhattan, so that we can talk about the things that matters most: Our Unity, Our Community, and Our Opportunity. Let's take our piece of the pie. JOIN US TONIGHT BY CLICKING THIS LINK

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