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"Our problems are not economic or socio-cultural or militistic, they are democratic and the lack of democracy that we have for a changing and growing society could be the end of us. We must add more democratic structure." - JFK


Quadratic voting (sometimes abbreviated QV) is a collective decision-making procedure, where participants express how strongly they feel about an issue rather than just whether they are in favor of it or opposed to it. Quadratic voting is claimed to achieve the greatest possible good for the greatest number of group members, although other proponents of Quadratic Voting state that this is only true approximately. It addresses issues of voting paradox and majority-rule.

Based on market principles, each voter is endowed with a budget of “vote credits” that they may spend influencing the outcome of a range of decisions. If a participant has a strong preference for or against a particular decision, additional votes can be allocated. A vote pricing rule determines the cost of additional votes, whereby each vote increasingly becomes more expensive.

The quadratic nature of the voting means that a voter can use his or her votes more efficiently spread across many issues. For example, a voter with a budget of 16 vote credits can apply 1 vote credit to each of 16 issues. However, if they feel strongly about a single issue, they can apply 4 votes at the cost of 16 credits to a single issue. This will use their entire budget. This also means there is a large incentive to buy and sell votes, although using a strictly secret ballot gives some protection against vote buying as the purchase cannot be verified.


The problem of our democracy today is that the priorities of leaders don't match the priorities of the people. In turn we have less democratic operations than we previously did when Ben Franklin stated that American's have "a Republic if you can keep it". I think that We Owe Us a democracy and that stated, more democracy as out population and complexity increases. Quadratic Voting is the most innovative way that I've seen trigger my favorite term inclusionism through the weight of individual priority versus leadership's oratory. 


  • Update the Voting Process

  • Enhance The Power of Cities

  • Enhance State's Rights

  • Properly Implement American Priorities

  • Require More Education of the Public

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James Felton Keith

Fighting for Inclusionism

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