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New York and many other states are legalizing recreational use of marijuana and as they do, we have to have regulations that ensure that the systemic effects of criminalizing both buyers and sellers for so long must be reversed. It's a daunting task but JFK is endorsing a movement to rise to legalize in New York and taking those New York values to DC.

  • Reparation for the War On Drugs by structurally reinvesting profits from marijuana businesses back into the community.

  • Expand access to medical marijuana programs into communities of color and align with universal healthcare reforms.

  • Provide business opportunities and capital investment for women and minority owned businesses.

  • Create a sustainable workforce through the development of urban agribusiness development.

  • Develop community based education initiatives through CBOs (community based organizations)

  • Expunge the records of non-violent offenders of antiquated laws from the "war on drugs" era.


There is a greater problem rooted in our inability to take responsibility for the souls that have been locked away during the "war on drugs" era. As a member of a community that has been heavily affected by the incarceration of so many from this fake war, I think that it morally necessary to take all of these returning citizens back into the neighborhood from which they've been kept. We must reinvest in their lives, because we know that their lives matter. We must not displace them further by spreading their detached humanity across cities and states that they are not familiar with. There is also an economic benefit to this, as dense populations of people are easier to supply resources to, and we know that we will need to invest heavily in their rehabilitation from years and decades of trauma. 


  • Right the wrongs of neo-conservatism

  • Rehabilitate communities affected by the war of drugs

  • Reinvest in humanity first

Guiding Principles





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