Real Progressives vs Bad Democrats

Friends Family Progressives,

In these divisive Trump times, we are presented with the question of what goodness is. We are presented with questions about a notion of what our morals are. We are in turn presented with an opportunity to vet who represents us ideologically as a progressive, to pursue resources on our behalf.

As I mourn the loss of a political mentor in Isaiah "Obie" Bing, I'm compelled to mention his warning of what he called "ambitious conservatives" when speaking to me at his home in 2017. He shared documentation with me from his Community Board 12 in Washington Heights / Inwood warning of a careless incumbent Congressman who brought real environmental risks to the neighborhood at the expense of crony real-estate and gentrification deals.

👈🏾 Careless is my word for Rep. Adriano Espaillat, as Obie mentioned his intentions. The Board of Elections results from 2017 show that Adriano is less than memorable in his own district by 60% of the vote to the most micro body of our democracy. I ask the members of the county committee and the district leaders, how many meetings has the Congressman been to in the past 25 years?

From those of you that I've talked to, I can count his attendance on a single hand.

Obie was an engineer and real progressive, like me. Among many things, he used his skill set to evaluate the effects that mechanical and civic engineering decisions would have on our surrounding community. We initially met while talking about the problems of non-technical people making legal and policy decisions in these heightened technological times.

Obie offered me a letter sent to his Community Board by a newly elected congressman at the top of the calendar year on behalf of an Asian real-estate developer who had not been introduced to the community board as a development candidate at that time. Obie raised legal & ethical concerns, first with the process of engagement by an elected official, and second about negligence by the elected official who represented the district in multiple capacities for 30 years to build on hazardous land.

He offered me his professional written concerns from 2014 that resurfaced in 2017.

During late 2017 community and environmental activists and scientists meet me in Northern Manhattan at Columbia Medical School as The Congressman invited a few hundred foreign investors to review the land grab opportunities in New York's 13th District. Even while we protested through filming for +30 minutes, the Congressman and his proteges like IDC Member & Pseudo-Republican Senator Alcantara, Assemblywoman De La Rosa, & Councilman Rodrigues sold Uptown and Northern Manhattan as NYC's "untapped resource". It's all recorded.

When we gathered +6,000 signatures to stop the rezoning of Inwood without proper vetting and public communications, we were told that this is "legacy building" by a cavalier elected official. When we asked for public hearings based on our +6,000 souls, we were denied, and existing meetings were disguised.

For the sake of keeping a conscious and progressive 13th district in the second most progressive voting district in the United States we have to get rid of conservative Bad Democrats. Lastly but not least, Adriano Espaillat helped construct and continues to endorse the Independent Democratic Conference, a group of rouge Democrats who caucus and vote exclusively with Trump Republicans for the purpose to financial gain. They are doing the the conservative's bidding and stifling both New Yorkers and Americans in the process.

To the registered Democrats, I urge you to elect a true progressive who is not owned by the Republicans or anyone else's money.

Let's talk about it

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