#iCantBreathe Legislative Priorities

I can't breathe is becoming the moniker of our times, as citizens have lost their voices by witnessing neighbors lose their humanity in the hands of our lawful gatekeepers. We're marching for Andrew's justice, but also for the dignity of his family and people who have lost trust in our system of laws. In New York and across America, our rule of law must provide real consequences for officers of the law that leave us breathless.

Last Saturday I listened to the death of Andrew Kearse over the course of approximately 20 minutes, as his wife looked on via the data from the officer's in car camera. It was horrifying.

We marched inside of the police station at the center of Schenectady, New York with our neighbor in the Bronx, Angie Negroni-Kearse. We marched for justice from the democracy that we pay for, and answers from the officers of the law who've allowed yet another one of our neighbors to die in their custody. I'm still in awe that the police department left the building seemingly vacant yet open as we protested inside of their walls. They remained silent as we sang and spoke our truth.

I'm in awe of the failure of our democracy in this place at this time.

Going forward we're expanding on 6 legislative priorities that make officers of the law accountable under the rule of law.

  1. Prosecute Police who falsify information during the course of an investigation.

  2. Mandatory and immediate medical response for suspects/subjects who complain of illness or injury.

  3. American citizens who are incarcerated should never lose their right to vote

  4. Establish an independent unit to assign an investigator and prosecutor for all police shootings of civilians.

  5. Create a comprehensive national database of police shootings.

  6. Establish a national day of remembrance for victims of police violence.

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