Congressional Summit on LGBT Entrepreneurship

I'm an Uber-Progressive & an Uber-Capitalist. Click the pic aaand

Join me in DC @ the Congressional Summit on LGBT Entrepreneurship.


As soon as I left my mother's house I was an entrepreneur. I used to sell Now And Later candy to my 1st grade class to make new friends and fend off a bully. It worked, but I was expelled from school and my principal told my mother that I'd grow up to be a drug dealer. Such is life.

JFK Founding @LGBTchamber

Over the next 30 years I tried to start 12 companies, and only 5 of them still exist today. By that measure I'm a failure, but everything that I know for sure is from failing fast and failing often. I know for sure that my team's efforts on the economic end of equality provided a piece of the push for enforcing

the Matthew Shepard (Hate Crimes Prevention) Act at corporations. His parents Dennis & Judy often talk at the Chambers of Commerce about the ability of economic activism propping up social and political activism.

JFK w. SLAY Co-Founder Sean & Terry Torrington
JFK w/ Dennis & Judy Shepard

When I was presented with Slay TV as an opportunity, my core goal was to make sure they would have the ability to put Brown and Black Queer Faces on screen of all sized in a high-quality yet scalable way. Sean, Terry, and the team have ran with Slay to the point that it is behind the vast majority of the web content that promotes QPOC (Queer People of Color).

If you are an investor or entrepreneur or speculator who wants your finger on the pulse of American culture's future, reach out to us about attending the Congressional Summit of LGBT Entrepreneurship in DC. CLICK HERE

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