Uptown United Platform

The politicians that say "rezoning neighborhoods" is meant to improve businesses are misleading and arguably lying for the sake of gentrification.

According to data form the city of NY, 94% of business owners rent their space, and 53% of Inwood's small businesses say that the rent is "barely affordable".

The lack of attention to small businesses in the Inwood NYC Action Plan creates synthetic demand for growth, which will leave the existing business owners unable to compete, adjust prices, or even pay rent. When politicians say that "Upzoning" will be good for business, let's be clear. They mean large businesses that are primarily tied to real estate will create synthetic demand that incentivizes development and redevelopment of both public and private resources that citizens are using.

I'm a local entrepreneur and while I'm not in a retail (store front) business, I rely on the fabric of the community to be the talent in the community. I also rely on the government to make significant investments in the people of my community so that we are able to build the products and services that we'll need tomorrow.

The only way out of this is to provide real equity in the local growth to the existing citizens of the community, which includes the business owners who make up a significant portion of the community's identity. For this reason I'm supporting the Uptown United Platform in its entirety. 👇🏾

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