Women's History & Personal Data

It's women's history month and we're kicking off our inaugural campus club at Columbia University in Harlem with a couple of extraordinary women. Register on Facebook HERE.

If you know me or my work, you know that I care most about economic inclusion. I care most about how we achieve inclusion. It's not just a rhetorical option to me, it's a path.

We're going to talk about women like Henriette Lacks and Kayla Lewis and how their #PersonalData created entire industries. Henriette, the subject of a Trillion Dollar Industry via a doctor that stole her Cancer Cells to use as a free commodity in research to cure everything from Polio to mapping the Human Genome.

And Kayla, the girl who created the term "On Fleek" and created a centi-million dollar opportunity for marketing companies the likes of MRM McCann and trade wars between Pop Stars like Nicki Minaj vs Christina Milian.

There is real monetary value to be unlocked in our very being, and we must leverage the policy and market tools that we have over the past 100 years to fund real economic inclusion.

As usual, I have lots more to say about the mechanics of policy and economic infrastructure that we can deploy to get money in the pockets of the people who contribute their culture to society, but I'll save that for today's talk at Columbia. See you there.

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