Suspending The Campaign


It's been great getting to know the people of New York's 13th District better. In 6 months, we've had 30 events, knocked over 15,000 doors and got a favorable nod from over 10,000 residents. We didn't start this journey to count votes, we started it to have a conversation with our neighbors about how much they're owed from this economy and how to capture that value. I do this work, regardless.

These are things I'd talk about at Lenox Saphire on 127th Street every Saturday morning.

I started as an organizer around issues of economic inequality and it's been wrapped up in my professional work over the past 20 years. Every product, every company, every service has been built to distribute monetary value, more efficiently than it previously was, to people who deserve it. This places owes us for our input. So I'm going to keep building JFK Organizers at www.VoteJFK.Org

because I can. I can do whatever I want... even when the party that I'm an elected member of tells me that it'll stonewall my club endorsements until I "pay some dues". I don't know WTF these people think they are, but more importantly I know they need a better idea of WTF I am. I'm the world's foremost advocate for unity, community, and the #OpportunityWeNeed. I'm not one of them. I just happen to live here.

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James Felton Keith

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