Economic Power via Crypto Currency

Venting: People are regularly talking about justice across different causes, but they can't afford to fight for it. It's high time we start advocating real power over the mere empowerment of generation's past. Join me next Saturday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as we lay out a plan to turn the most marginalized population on the planet into a money making machine, literally. SIGN UP

I'll be joined by my colleague Steve Schwartz, a Blockchain and Cyber Insurance expert, and Reggie Middleton who launched a $200 Million Dollar cyrpto currency of his own.

Because I hate secrets and love spoilers alerts for things that help me move on faster, I'll sum up what we are doing. Slay.TV creates content by and for Queer (LGBTQ) People of Color, who make up about 100,000,000 individuals globally and that spend more than $2 Billion dollars annually. We've created a currency called Slay.Coin that allows producers and makers to finance their wildest dreams and realities and convert them into any currency in the retail market. Think: If the USA is a population of 300,000,000 who create US Dollars to trade goods, QPOC is a population of 100,000,000 and growing that created SlayCoins to trade good. That our 21st Century reality. F*** Empowerment unless it means, we get out piece of the pie to negotiate who eats what.

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