2018 Election #SlayTheVote

I'm supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo in this 2018 election, not because I'm afraid, or because of what we can't afford to lose, or the regular language that I hear in political circles while advocating for an incumbent to win. I'm supporting him because of the very progressive policies that have been pushed and the even more progressive bodies that he has at the table while advocating for policy. This weekend my TV network hosted its 1st annual film and music festival, SlayFest, and the Governor's General Counsel Alphonso David came by to talk about power. He said "Our Stories Aren't Told" to a crowd of 800 LGBT Black & Brown people under the age of 40. As he settled into his speech, it was obvious that we are in a new day where we have the capital and the access to change that, especially in NYC. And so we will. We'll let our 1.7 million viewers know how valuable they are, and we'll continually empower them to take action whenever they think they aren't being adequately included. We'll #SlayTheVote to bring #ValueToThePeople.

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