Data as Labor Day

As you all prepare for Labor Day's much needed long weekend, I hope that you'll think about the income inequality that is plaguing our economy, even while the joblessness rates fall. People are working more and more for less and less, and it has nothing to do with their jobs. The greatest problem facing America is how little we value the input of people to the productivity that our companies create. People contribute value intrinsically, they don't need to endeavor to "create" it. Because of this fact we must all be paid for the productive creations that we contribute to. I've been in Silicon Valley this week talking to entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics about how we solve this problem and get people the money that they are owed from this economy. We're organizing a new Data Union to identify your Data as Labor. The data itself is less important that what it represents. It is evidence of your contributions, and as more information about how we influence productivity is available, my teams are preparing to represent you legally so that you can take back the guaranteed income you deserve. Some people are calling it a Basic Income, but there is nothing basic about the money that you are owed. Our economy is 200% more productive over the past 50 years than it was in the previous 50 years, and 99% of the people have 0 benefits to show for it.

This place is built on our backs (data) and it's time to pay us back. Have a relaxing Labor Day folks. #ValueToThePeople

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