Keynote: 101st Anniversary of the Council for Danish Insurance and Pensions

New York, NY — September 20, 2018 — To celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Council for Danish Insurance and Pensions this November, James Felton Keith (JFK) will give a keynote address to the Prime Minister of Denmark and an audience of 250 executives and elected officials on the direction of data and risk management in a world where interconnectivity is both our greatest problem and our greatest opportunity.

JFK was quoted in a London interview this June with Danish think tank NextWork A/S whose data charter states: understanding our digital democracy is essential in order to understand our society.

“The G.D.P.R. was our most significant human rights achievement as a society to acknowledge that our digital lives are not separate from our physical lives. They are one. It is up to the insurance industry to incentivize trust through more data proliferation with the objective of not only transferring risks that can be identified from data, but to also incentivize management of those risks. If we continue to consider cyber security as a technological destination instead of the culture that it actually is, we will witness the collapse of the Western World due to mispriced risks, mistrust, and faux valuations of all assets in the autonomous internet of everything.”

The sustainability of globalization and our interconnected world depends on our collective ability to be good custodians of the data contributions to our technological creations. “We are proud to be at the forefront of thought leadership on cyber governance and insurance.” – Thomas Nimmo, CEO

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