Keynote: Data Protection World Forum

Join us at ExCel London for the Data Protection World Forum. I'll be giving a Keynote on the 20th titled ‘GDPR as a Catalyst for American Data Ownership Laws’. This talk is less about tech & data, and more about the income that people are owed from their data. We passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year to set a precedence that individuals own the data that comes from them or is derived about them. At The Data Union we're educating organized labor on how to collective bargain for higher incomes and royalties aside from the wages that they normally fight for. We're living in a new world full of automation and tech, and IT'S ALL BEEN BUILT ON OUR BACKS. NOW IT'S TIME TO PAY US BACK. 👌🏽

Check my events link to see where our team will be speaking.

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