Data Ethics and Denmark's Welfare State

This past week, I joined Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen to keynote a "wake-up call" about Data Ethics during the 100th Anniversary of the Council for Insurance and Pensions. I received many SMSs and IMs about people's mistrust for insurance using their data. That's precisely why we are bringing Government & Industry together to figure out how we can incentivize more trust and more equity in the productivity that people's data creates, country-by-country, across boarders. Insurance of all sorts, as a product line, is critical to identifying risks in societies and creating financial incentive to manage them. That's why we're meeting with this industry above all others. Insurance pervades every industry. That stated, in Denmark the high rate of insurance on every personal and institution supports one of the largest welfare states in the world. Economic inclusion is relatively pervasive, so is social happiness and cooperation. In the USA I'm looking to incentivize similar programs based on acknowledging people's valuable participation in our productive economy via their social insurance finance location and healthcare data. While the risks of being violated, especially for minorities, are real, our ability to manage those risks and help include people are much greater.

Let's talk more about it.

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