Reflecting on MLK Day

Repeat: You are not what you do, what you are, is how you do it.

I’ve narrowly been charged with being right or arguing for how right I may be in a given situation over the past 15 years of being an engineer and entrepreneur. Over the past few years while operating outside of the realm of business dealings, I’ve realized that leadership is about so much more. It’s about mercy, and justice, and freedom, and sacrifice, and hope, and humility, and the seemingly intangible acts-of-life that facilitate our moral regard. This world, this nation, this state, this city, this neighborhood needs a moral regard more than it ever has. Another year older, we’re reacting to the new immoral reality of 2019, and on this MLK day, I’d like to challenge everyone to consider what they can do to be more proactive in shaping the future.

Repeat: You are only as old as your ability to process new information.

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