#WeOweUS a run for US Congress

In 2017 we started an exploratory campaign for US Congress and met so many of you brilliant people around the 13th district of New York. In June of 2016, we knew that it would take a 48 month race to become a viable candidate in a district as dense, diverse, and active as NY13. I'm still a distance runner at heart, and while keeping pace one of my favorite songs is Michael Franks' Long Slow Distance. Today I think that we are ready to start the home stretch of the next 14 months.

This campaign has always been about what we the people are owed from a political economy that is automating and evolving to be radically productive without us. Over the past 40 years, we haven't received a dime and while I don't believe it is the total fault of the current leaders, I also don't think they can make a moral argument on how to capture our true value in dollars & cents. The times have changed, for the worse, and we owe it to ourselves to fight the wrongs of the 20th Century in this 21st.

We are owed, a universal basic income that is a market-based dividend from the productivity of the companies that are measuring us 100% of the time via our voluntary and involuntary data. We are owed, universal rent control to fully value the people in the places that make New York such a unique space. We are owed, universal healthcare because of the old adage that we can have no wealth without health. We are owed as much education as we desire. We are owed a green new deal, to invest in the work of the 21st Century. We are owed mass incarceration reforms that look like investments in our most valuable natural resources: people. We are owed inclusion over diversity and equity over equality. #WeOweUs something tangible. #WeOweUs thoughts and ideas from our leaders, not scripts from consultants... and so much more.

I hope that you'll join me tonight at the Uptown Democratic Club meeting in Harlem and separately check out the other events that we have coming up. Click the pics in this post to RSVP.

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